PERFECT Political Cartoon


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Like many of you, I get a ton of emails a day from different lists.  Every once in a while something really catches my eye.  Recently, a political cartoon crossed my desk that was originally printed in 1934 and appeared the Chicago Tribune. 

When I saw this cartoon, I was floored!!  Click here to see the cartoon.

Sadly, it’s a PERFECT description to what is happening today in our country.  There are sooo many little things in the cartoon that perfectly describe in words and pictures what is happening.    

The words on the sign in the lower left-hand corner are particularly true and troubling.  The sign reads:

Plan of Action for U.S.


Under the guise of Recovery – Bust the Government

Blame the Capitalists For The Failure – Junk the Constitution

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Montana will miss Scott Sales



Yesterday marked the last day of the Montana Legislature. There were many agreements and disagreements during the session. It had its ups and downs with issues from property taxes to the state’s budget.

The most notable part of legislature will be the departure of House Minority Leader Scott Sales R-Bozeman who came into office in 2002. He set out to bring conservative reforms across the state.

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Favorite Story About Montana Legislature


It looks as though the Legislature in Helena will FINALLY come to an end today.  Politicians will not be able to place any more laws or restrictions on us or spend anymore of our money.  The end of the session got me thinking about my favorite story from Helena this year.  Last week I found an article about Representative Boniek bringing his “Democratic friend to the Capitol.” 

Rep. Boniek rode his half horse and half jackass, Jesse, to the Capitol and tied him to a tree on the grounds.  Boniek said that Jesse is his “half-Democrat” friend. 

My favorite exchange from the article was:

“I rode by (U.S. Rep.) Denny Rehberg’s office this morning and one of the staffers came out and I said, ‘I’m bringing my Democrat to the Capitol today,'” Boniek said. “She said, ‘Are you a Democrat?’ I said, ‘No, I’m a Republican, but I’m bipartisan.'”

A little bit of jest is needed in these tense end-of-session situations and I’m glad Rep. Boniek has a sense of humor.  As I wrote in an earlier blog post he’s done a great job in Helena and continues to surprise. 

Montana finally gets a Leadership School!!!


The Leadership Institute (LI) hosted its Youth Leadership School, an intense two day workshop, in Missoula, MT this weekend. It brought in young conservative thinkers throughout the state. This school helped establish a foundation based on organizing groups. It stressed how to make a difference in these tough economic times. LI made it clear that lessons learned can be applied to your personal improvement.

Knowledge is the key!!!

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Accountability and transparency have been popular buzz words with our state and federal politicians; of course most of the time it’s just words.  When Senator Balyeat proposed Senate Bill 241, which would create a searchable website where citizens could track dollars from the time they enter government until they’re spent, it was defeated. 

Again all talk and NO ACTION!

I take my hat off to most of the republicans in the Legislature who fought hard to try and get this bill passed, but the Governor’s office and the democrats stopped them. 

So, if the politicians will not bring accountability to government’s work – LET’S BRING ACCOUNTABILITY TO THEIR VOTES!!

It’s FINALLY here; a new website unveiled last week by Montanans In Action (MIA) called Legistat!

Legistat tallies the spending habits of state legislators.  MIA compiled and logged all of the spending bills from this session.  If a legislator voted for a spending bill, it was added to their total spending.  If a legislator voted against a spending bill, it was subtracted from their total spending.  The opposite was done for bills that would save taxpayer dollars. 

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City tries to infringe upon Civil Liberties: Part II


Once again, big brother continues to pry into the lives of private citizens. The city of Bozeman persist that the citizens want more government regulations, such as the red light cameras. They are doing whatever is necessary to increase their authority. I cannot figure out why the local government officials don’t get a clue?

According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle :

Chris Kukulski, Bozeman City Manager, said that Bozeman’s staff and elected officials spent the better part of two years researching, taking public input, and developing a local ordinance to allow the cameras. He goes on to say, “it doesn’t seem right for state lawmakers to throw that out the window.”

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Montana Stands Up to the Feds!


A big shout-out of thanks to Representative Joel Boniek for his sponsorship and work on the successful passage of  House Bill 246, the Montana Made Firearms Bill.

The bill–recently signed into law–would exempt firearms made and retained in Montana from ALL  federal regulation.  According to a recent article in the article:

“What we need here is for Montana to be able to handle Montana’s business and affairs,” bill sponsor Rep. Joel Boniek, a Republican and wilderness guide from Livingston, told fellow lawmakers during the bill’s House debate.

This is an issue that is picking up steam around the country as news of the HB 246’s passage got outside the boundaries of our state.  Today, a national blog in DC posted an editorial on the subject and framed the passage as part of the fight between the states and an encroaching federal government.  Props to!

This is BIG NEWS for Montana for a couple reason:  First of all it re-asserts our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  This is a sacred right that the government has trampled on over the past few decades.  Second, the passage of HB 246 will invariably test our legal rights as a state under the Tenth Amendment.  The federal government has been unconstitutionally encroaching on state rights for years with their rules and regulations.

It is time for MONTANANS  to stand up and fight back.  Again, kudos to Rep. Boniek.

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