Union Rally Montanans for Support


After reading the Billings Gazette the other day, I noticed an article titled AFL-CIO Rep Urges Grass-Roots Support for Bill. I was surprised to find out the unions are moving forward with a disturbing national movement called the Employee Free Choice Act. It will end the secret ballot process for elections and increase penalties against employers who have committed unfair labor practices.

This makes me think to myself, what are the Conservatives doing? Are we going to stand on the sidelines while they mount an offensive?

Right now, it is a small movement, but this is going to become like the Tet Offensive for the upcoming 2010 election. The shots are being fired!!!!

I find it alarming that Stewart Acuff, Special Assistant to the AFL-CIO President, recommends that union members call or write their congressman about the Employee Free Choice Act. He talked about the bill at the First Congregational Church of Billings.

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