I was humbled and honored to be a speaker at the Bozeman Tax Day Tea Party today. I was proud of all of the patriots that braved the beautiful Montana spring weather today.

The snow did not slow us down, it did not stop us from lifting our voices loud and clear to the politicians in Helena and Washington DC.

People are fed up with what is happening. Whether the budget, the stimulus bills, or the bailouts we cannot allow government to take us down this road. We must stand up, shout, and most importantly we must act.

Please go to www.tsnleader.com and/or www.taxdayteaparty.com and get involved. Today was NOT the end it was just the beginning. Find an organization, find what you are good at, and get involved. Get friends and family involved, we cannot sit by and allow our freedoms to be slowly taken away again and again.

We will be posting pictures, video, and audio clips on this blog from the Tea Party.

Thanks again to all of the people that came out and to the sponsors that helped make this event happen.

Please check out the pictures from the Tea Party at our flickr website to the right of this post. Also, view the local newspaper account right here.