City tries to infringe upon Civil Liberties


In today’s Bozeman Daily Chronicle there is an article titled “Right Light on Cameras in Panel”. Basically, it deals with the city of Bozeman, MT wanting to keep its red light cameras from October. The city agreed to a contract with an Arizona based company called Redflex. The legislature made it illegal a month ago for cities across Montana to keep red light cameras. Bozeman didn’t want to break its contact with Redflex, so they put forth an amendment in the legislature.

This amendment failed to pass both houses, which is a big victory for the citizens of Bozeman and across Montana. I believe we are moving forward to protect our rights from the local government. And the citizens can thank our legislature for acting upon this issue in a timely manner.

One thing, I find very disturbing about the amendment is Bozeman would exempt itself from getting rid of the cameras. The reason why- city officials claim, it will keep down traffic violations such as running red lights not witnessed by police officers. I personally do not believe their argument. Yeah, people will always be running red lights, but what matters here is our freedoms are in jeopardy.

What are the next steps? The government will be able to view your movements and install tracking chips into everyone. This sounds like a great idea stolen from the concept of socialism. I want to point out Europe already has cameras monitoring its citizens and advancing their system.

This amendment went to the House-Senate Panel. Rep. Mike Phillips D-Bozeman stated, the Legislature was interfering with Bozeman affairs from “on high”, and said Bozeman should keep the camera until the next session. The people of Montana realize this is a serious issue. We will continue to be watchdog for this distributing issue.

The supporters of the amendment can claim there is no real data due to it not being enforced for 2011. The results will never be tested. Come on. The citizens want less government regulations in their lives.

Once again, I would like to personally thank Rep. Bill Nooney R-Missoula and the many others who help to kill this amendment. I agree with all the points presented by the legislator. The people don’t want red light cameras and have the city to make money off of them.

I know for a fact.

I can drive around Bozeman and not worry about the red light cameras.

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