Montana Stands Up to the Feds!


A big shout-out of thanks to Representative Joel Boniek for his sponsorship and work on the successful passage of  House Bill 246, the Montana Made Firearms Bill.

The bill–recently signed into law–would exempt firearms made and retained in Montana from ALL  federal regulation.  According to a recent article in the article:

“What we need here is for Montana to be able to handle Montana’s business and affairs,” bill sponsor Rep. Joel Boniek, a Republican and wilderness guide from Livingston, told fellow lawmakers during the bill’s House debate.

This is an issue that is picking up steam around the country as news of the HB 246’s passage got outside the boundaries of our state.  Today, a national blog in DC posted an editorial on the subject and framed the passage as part of the fight between the states and an encroaching federal government.  Props to!

This is BIG NEWS for Montana for a couple reason:  First of all it re-asserts our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  This is a sacred right that the government has trampled on over the past few decades.  Second, the passage of HB 246 will invariably test our legal rights as a state under the Tenth Amendment.  The federal government has been unconstitutionally encroaching on state rights for years with their rules and regulations.

It is time for MONTANANS  to stand up and fight back.  Again, kudos to Rep. Boniek.

I believe this is the first step in an important and long fight.  We must stay strong and reject the overbearing rules, regulations, and mandates being forced upon the states for our federal government.

This is not the system our founders put in place more than 200 years ago and we need to get back to the Constitution.  With bills like these and the Tea Parties people are letting the politicians in DC know that we will not LAY down in the face of a heavy-handed government!


  1. great post guys. Thanks for the link to RSL. Keep up the good fight in MT!

  2. Great post. Congratulations to the Rep for having the courage to stand up for the rights of states and the second amendment.

  3. Thank you Rep. Boniek. May Montana continue in the fight to regain our democratic republic and return to the constitution my forefathers fought for.

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