City tries to infringe upon Civil Liberties: Part II


Once again, big brother continues to pry into the lives of private citizens. The city of Bozeman persist that the citizens want more government regulations, such as the red light cameras. They are doing whatever is necessary to increase their authority. I cannot figure out why the local government officials don’t get a clue?

According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle :

Chris Kukulski, Bozeman City Manager, said that Bozeman’s staff and elected officials spent the better part of two years researching, taking public input, and developing a local ordinance to allow the cameras. He goes on to say, “it doesn’t seem right for state lawmakers to throw that out the window.”

I disagree with Mr. Kukuski. The City wasted taxpayer dollars for its so called two year research project. Thank God, we have members in our legislature who care about our personal liberties.

Now, Chris Kukulsi wants Gov. Brian Schweitzer to veto House Bill-535. Hopefully, the Governor will make the right decision and sign this bill into law. The bill passed the House with a 75-25 vote and the Senate with a 33-17 vote. Rep. Bill Nooney R-Missoula and many other legislators understand the significance of this legislation.

As mentioned in my previous post Bozeman tried to exclude itself from the state law banning red light cameras. I’m glad their amendment attached to the first bill was thrown out. It is great that the new version of this bill will not include the exemption for existing contracts.

I have a great idea for the city of Bozeman; stop worrying about not making enough money from the taxpayers and blaming the red light offenders for crime. We need turn signals on Main Street for smoother traffic flow. My suggestion is to take up that issue.

I will be calling and emailing the Governor to pass this legislation. I encourage everyone else to do the same. We never know when that day will come when all our rights will be completely gone.


  1. You’re right, Hof. It’s the little things that add up. This Red Light issue is not all that little, but it sure seems to be in light of a swarm of infringements upon the constitution by our political class at all levels.

  2. […] Big Brother. The governor signed HB-531 into law banning all red light cameras as mentioned in my previous post. The unholy contract between the city of Bozeman and Redflex has been ripped into […]

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