Montana finally gets a Leadership School!!!


The Leadership Institute (LI) hosted its Youth Leadership School, an intense two day workshop, in Missoula, MT this weekend. It brought in young conservative thinkers throughout the state. This school helped establish a foundation based on organizing groups. It stressed how to make a difference in these tough economic times. LI made it clear that lessons learned can be applied to your personal improvement.

Knowledge is the key!!!

During the workshop, there was a lot of useful information conservatives could easily utilize for campaigns and themselves. I found out for myself, I was lacking some very important key elements that my political science classes at MSU-Bozeman didn’t teach. I am glad I now know these missing components in my political development.

As a conservative, I understand grassroots will help to transform the system already used by conservatives. I don’t need to personally intimidate average citizens like those who are paid to organize from the left do.

I know that volunteers make the difference. The youth also has a big impact. They will become future leaders. This is where liberals are utilizing their efforts dramatically better than the right!!!

I believe conservatives have myths built into them that students can’t be helpful, only the left can organize them, and they tend to be liberal. By getting rid of these notions it will create much needed excitement to our cause.

The most important learning tools were the campaign essentials. I learned how to make an effective booth display at an event. They taught us what needs to be done to operate a successful door to door operation. I learned from experts how to have a successful event. I would say overall, there was a lot useful material.

I cannot wait to attend another school. I want to expand the vast right wing conspiracy throughout Montana.

Hopefully, we can get another Leadership School here.

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