Montana will miss Scott Sales



Yesterday marked the last day of the Montana Legislature. There were many agreements and disagreements during the session. It had its ups and downs with issues from property taxes to the state’s budget.

The most notable part of legislature will be the departure of House Minority Leader Scott Sales R-Bozeman who came into office in 2002. He set out to bring conservative reforms across the state.

According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

“A staunch conservative, Sales has garnered both admiration and disdain for his unwillingness to waiver from his political goals: smaller government and lower taxes. He is quick to say public schools don’t need more money, and he penned an essay urging voters to vote against a tax levy for higher education.”

Many people would agree that Sales stood on his principles and never backed down. He will be missed by both sides of the aisle. Even though, House Majority Leader Margaret Campbell didn’t agree on a single issue since 2005. She noted that, “He has had a message. He has never deviated. He has voted his conscious every time he voted. You have to respect that.” This is why Scott Sales has a lot of value in my book.

I believe our state needs more conservatives like Scott Sales. A group of citizen legislators who are willing to serve the public by agreeing to shrink the size of government and cut spending.

Scott Mendenhall who served as floor leader said it best about Scott Sales, “In the days to come, I think people are going to be reminded of his admonitions that we not get carried away. We will wish – correctly – we had heeded more of his advice.” His statement will hold true about the upcoming 2011 legislative session.

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