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Like many of you, I get a ton of emails a day from different lists.  Every once in a while something really catches my eye.  Recently, a political cartoon crossed my desk that was originally printed in 1934 and appeared the Chicago Tribune. 

When I saw this cartoon, I was floored!!  Click here to see the cartoon.

Sadly, it’s a PERFECT description to what is happening today in our country.  There are sooo many little things in the cartoon that perfectly describe in words and pictures what is happening.    

The words on the sign in the lower left-hand corner are particularly true and troubling.  The sign reads:

Plan of Action for U.S.


Under the guise of Recovery – Bust the Government

Blame the Capitalists For The Failure – Junk the Constitution

A few other things that caught my eye are the politicians riding in the cart drinking the “Power Juice,” and Stalin standing in the background watching and saying “How Red The Sunrise Is Getting!”

As I was telling a friend about the cartoon, and how shocked I was, he made a great point.  He reminded me of the old saying that if we don’t learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it.

This move to socialism has been going on for many years, sometimes it creeps slowly other times it comes fast.  The Bush administration got the ball moving fast, and now Obama has decided to put go to lightspeed by continuing the bailouts, so called stimulus packages, and passing the bloated debt-ridden budget.

We need to put a stop to this madness and stand up for our freedoms, capitalism, and our Constitution.  The TEA Party was the beginning and now we must ACT.  Please get involved with your local groups and stand in opposition to our politicians. 

Demand that the politicians restore our Constitution and freedoms.  If they don’t listen let them know that there will be consequences. 


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  1. If you’ve been properly indoctrinated, Obama is the greatest President in US history. If your of traditional American moral values, our country is in a sorry state.

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