Socialism spreading in Montana


More than 100 activists in Missoula, MT protested against capitalism last Friday. These organizers met at the Wells Fargo’s branch near downtown and demanded a bailout of their own.  Due to the national branch accepting a $25 billion bailout it received last October by the Bush Administration.

An article in the Billings Gazette illustrated that the protesters’ intent to solve the problem was socialism.  Their thoughts are well known with the teachings of Karl Marx.  The protesters called for the death of capitalism and the rise of “solidarity, socialism, communalism and activism.”  This crowd was organized by the Two Rivers branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

I find this very alarming as the United States is slowly headed down this direction.  Yeah, it is free speech for the protesters’ sake.  I know that if the federal government under the Obama Administration continues to spend our tax dollars unwisely and increase the bailouts, stimulus packages, and huge budget deficit we continue this path in the future.

God knows what will become of our society.  I cannot image why the American public would buy into these lies and destroy our founding father’s concepts of democracy with their ideas hailed by the protesters for socialized medicine, free education, and a workers bill of rights.  It takes away what makes the American Dream possible- Capitalism.

The American Dream is based on a nation being free and sovereign, and not held by restrictions of federal government.  The citizens are the ones who will bring accountability to our elected officials.  I personally believe in this system for our country.

One of the protesters claimed, “Let education be free, the way it is in France.”  I do not want be a part of a society who surrenders its freedom and heavily taxes its citizens to bring social reforms.  To me, I can work for a living and give back to everyone in need.  The free market allows me to do so for the American public.

Long live Democracy and the Republic!!!


  1. Marxist professors will turn out mostly marxist students. Our schools of so-called higher learning have progressively leaned towards marxism-leninism and against the free market and the representative republicanism of the United States Constitution.

    Evidence of how ubiquitous this is can be found in the near-monopoly those bankrupt ideals have with the published media and network television media organizations and their continuous stream of monstrous distortion of the American founding creed.

    Wherever media or other organs of our society are run by big corporate cronyism, in bed with big government agents, that is where you will find the kind of totalitarianism of the left. Ironic, isn’t it? The very success of the capitalist system is exploited to drive its diametric antithesis.

    This has been going on for well over 100 years. In fact, the day Lincoln was assassinated was the day the bankers rejoiced and began their quest to consolidate power economically, politically and by monopoly, crony capitalism.

    By restoring power in our States’ rights and engaging at the grassroots in local and State politics, we can regain our power as a self governed citizenry. It will require a greater effort than we ever thought we could make; but it will be worth every bit of it as we secure our future liberties.

  2. How do we overcome the instituitions the progressives and statists have put into place in the educational system?

    Children can’t even argue their ideals with teachers without fear if they disagree and the universities are turning out mind numbed little socialists at an alarming rate.

    Any ideas?

    Keep up the good work!

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