The ACORN Is Rotting


Well, it looks like the shady practices of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) have finally caught up to them. Yesterday the Las Vegas Review Journal had a piece entitled ACORN voter registration drive nets charges, which lays out the 39 charges filed against ACORN and their employees.

I would first like to mention that the Attorney General AND the Secretary of State of Nevada are BOTH democrats. So…the charge by ACORN that the politicians are just “grandstanding” is ridiculous.

I am happy that ACORN will finally have to pay the piper for their repeated breaking of state’s laws. Larry Lomax, the Clark County registrar of voters, said that he believes that 48% of the new voters registered by ACORN were “clearly fraudulent!”

That is 19,000 registration forms!!

How can ACORN claim that it was an isolated incident with one person messing up when 19,000 FORMS WERE FALSIFIED!!

I worked in Las Vegas for many years and Larry Lomax is a great public official who does not play sides on any issue. I take whatever he says to the bank. Lomax also said he raised the red flag on ACORN in 2006, “I’ve been trying to get someone to do something about this for a while.”

I hope the hammer is brought down hard on ACORN, either this is a coordinated effort to taint the system or a gross and ridiculous lack of management skills. I just have NO IDEA how a group could turn in 19,000 fake voter registration forms and claim they had no idea what’s going on, it’s absurd.

It will be interesting to see what happens in this case and if democrat officials in other states will step up and examine ACORN’s illegal practices. I take my hat off to the officials in Nevada for putting what’s good for the state and the voting process over what benefits them personally.

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  1. ACORN has never claimed that the voter registration problems are isolated incidents. In fact, those ballots were found to be fraudulent by ACORN itself, who flagged them before sending them to the state Attorney General. They simply aren’t allowed to throw them away. They HAVE to turn them in.

    Anyways, one would figure that you guys would have been able to come up with a single instance of actual voter fraud at the polls by now after all of the hooplah that’s been put up over this whole thing.

    Hasn’t happened. Won’t happen.

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