City tries to infringe upon Civil Liberties: Part III

red_light_cameraMontana has finally done the unthinkable.  It has prevented the beginning stages of Big Brother. The governor signed HB-531 into law banning all red light cameras as mentioned in my previous post. The unholy contract between the city of Bozeman and Redflex has been ripped into pieces.

The citizens of Montana can rejoice!!!  They do not need to worry about their privacy being invaded by the watchman eye of the government. The city officials will now be in check. They will be forced to take down all their cameras on the Main Street.

One thing I found very upsetting was the comments made by Chris Kukulski, Bozeman’s City Manager,

“It signed a contract with a firm in October but opted to wait until spring to have the cameras installed so as to avoid the appearance that the city was trying to take advantage of winter driving conditions”, Kukulski said. The city now regrets that decision, he said.

This guy just doesn’t get it. The citizens don’t want more government regulations in their lives. They emailed and called their legislators about the cameras. I personally believe Kuluski needs to go.

As citizens, we can weigh the good with the bad for ourselves.

An article in the Billings Gazette summarized Governor Schweitzer’s comments on the bill:

“Government will always look for the easy way to monitor her citizens,” Schweitzer said. “I think the citizens deserve some personal liberties, and I agree with the Legislature. I don’t think Montanans want a bunch of cameras looking at them.”

I would like to personally thank the governor for signing this bill. Without the hard work of Bill Nooney R-Missoula and the many other legislators this legislation would have died.  I am glad that citizen’s rights are number one. The state is moving into the right direction for the twenty-first century.


  1. No cameras will be removed on Main Street.

  2. Because there aren’t any currently.

  3. “They will be forced to take down all their cameras on the Main Street.”

    So what’s the point of the author’s statement quoted above, then, Ripley?

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