Obama to the Rescue…yeah right


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As I’m sure most of you have heard a few weeks ago President Obama announced his team was going to take 90 days to cut $100 million out of the budget.  So, like many others it got me thinking about just how much money that is. 

I’ve seen a few different visualizations of the cut and two of them I found particularly good.  The first is a picture that was posted on the Just Citizens blog called A few trillion here or there.  It’s a nice way to see how much of the budget is ACTUALLY BEING CUT

The best one I’ve seen is the above Youtube video which can be found here, it is only a minute and a half and well worth the time.

It uses pennies to show Obama’s recently passed budget.  It breaks down the mandatory spending, discretionary spending, the amount were borrowing, and the amount Obama wants to cut. 

This is the typical Washington DC game that we should ALL be sick and tired of.  Both parties constantly do this; they only care about the sound bites and not about REAL POLICY CHANGE.  Our county is in dire economic times right now and real change and solutions are needed by BOTH parties. 

We CANNOT continue down this road of spending, spending, spending…we are going to have to pay up eventually.  The politicians just keep passing the buck onto the next generation and now we’re starting to see the affects. 

President Obama and Congress need to CUT SPENDING DRASTICIALLY.  If they do not they will oversee one of the darkest economic times in our history. 

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  1. I just have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we will never see America as it has been again. After Obama and his cronies will be done with their agenda we will most certainly look just like another European country. And, we will be looking to Big brother for hand out rations at their discretion, because there is no such a thing as a Utopian of society of equality. I hope I am wrong but I just can’t see a way out of the mess which I believe is being deliberately created as a conspiracy to fool/ convince Americans into thinking that truly big bro has to take care of us.

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