Socialism at its best…


Last week Senator Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, held a meeting to discuss a plan for crafting major health care reform in the United States.  During the committee hearing a group of organized protesters from the Maryland Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program were arrested.

They claimed that Sen. Baucus had excluded them from the committee hearing and silenced their voices.  Since the election of Barack Obama and his “promised change” the group has made an obligation to ask every congressman to enact socialized medicine.

Yes, our system of health care in the United States needs improvement.  But, I’d rather have a private system and make improvements on it.

I believe our county should never have socialized medicine; it is NOT government’s job! The federal government continues to spend outlandish amounts of our tax dollars, without anything backing our currency.  If we continue down this road, it’ll only be a matter of time until it crashes.

I do not want to pay 50 percent of my income in taxes to support a system that does not work.  Just simply look at the state of our current military health care system.  They have free health care with veteran hospitals.

Are those facilities really supporting their patients the way they should be?  NO!!!   There are way too many stories to write from veterans having trouble with their health care system, including the incidents at Walter Reed.

If we had a system like the protesters wanted would America be great?   No way, it would just be a huge boondoggle.

According to an article in the Billings Gazette:

Senator Baucus had it right about the protesters embarking into his meeting.

“I hear what you say; I talk to a lot of people in my home state of Montana who have the exact same views,” Baucus said. “But we aren’t going to get the best result here (unless) we can have an orderly discussion as to how we should best reform our health care system.”

They need to respect the committee hearing and rules that are set in place.

I found it funny in their comments about Sen. Baucus stating its political talk and doesn’t mean anything.

“If he really respected our views, he would allow us to be there and present our views equally with others.”, they said.”

Really!! ! Is this what they think of you Senator Baucus?

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