Montana making National News

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The Glen Beck Show did a series about The Civilest” of Wars between the federal and state governments.  The show mentioned how many states are finally standing up for their rights.  They are challenging the federal government authority delegated through Amendment 10 of the United States Constitution.

The citizens of this country can make a difference by helping to challenge a failing system within our democracy.  Now is the time for the people to tell the federal government-Don’t Tread On Me or there will be consequences.  Without us uniting on our principles we cannot stop the seeds of socialism being sowed.

The best part of the series was the appearance of Rep. Joel Boniek R-Livingston and Gary Marbut President of Montana Shooting Sports Association.  They talked about the passage of HB-246 (read about it here on the TSNROUNDUP blog ) and how it has become a key issue in our state.  The courts are now acting upon the issue through it seems they always don’t listen to the thoughts of the people.

The video from the show is posted above for your viewing purposes.

Since there is a finally strong challenge to system, I hope we can make this a victory for gun owners across the US.

Gary Marbut had it right about the government; the people of Montana don’t want the federal government to put restrictions on their gun rights.  We should be allowed to put up our own gun standards here.

I liked the comments made by Joel Boniek about his intention in the State Legislature.  He is a true American patriot.

Here is what he said,

“I believe that the purpose of government is to protect our life, liberty and our property.  And when I saw this idea, I had been aware that the federal government has been overreaching in its power for a long time.  And I thought, you know, this is something that appeals to me.  And I didn’t go to the legislature to be rubber stamped for more regulation.  I went there to protect people’s freedom, and this is a great vehicle to do that.”

I think all the legislators in Montana need to be like Joel Boniek and stand up for what is right for our country and the great state of Montana.

As more states take up a similar issue it will hopefully lead to all states calling for sovereignty from the federal government.

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  2. “Don’t Thread On Me or there will be consequences.” Sew what? (Just needling you.)

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