University strives for increasing tuition cost…

collegeMontana State University-Bozeman plans to hike tuition for out of state students.  The school claims it will lose about $2.5 million due to the cap freeze on tuition.  This freeze helps students and struggling families pay for college.

 I don’t know why the university system always claims it needs more money.  Somehow, they are able to get tax dollars and grants to renovate the Student Union Building and the gym.  It seems university officials are only out for their wallets.

Why don’t they cut spending in these tough times like everyone else?  Maybe, they should do something to help the students.  A good place to begin is to look at their contracting process.  A thorough examination would save students, taxpayers, and the school a lot of money.  Instead when Treasure State Network (TSN) sent a simple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding their existing contracts they refused to comply.

In the FOIA requests sent to all MSU affiliated universities, we asked for a list of their contracts, the identities of the contractors, value, and award dates.  While almost every other university and state agency in Montana fully complied with the request, MSU told us that we needed to go to the campus and photocopy every contract if we wanted the information. 

What are they hiding??

They want more of our money, but won’t look at their own internal processes?  Before they raise tuition an internal audit needs to be done on how the existing money is being spent.

According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle;

MSU President Geoff Gamble says the university will have to cut classes and lay off workers to subdue rising costs.  This is the typical doomsday scenario every single government entity cries if they don’t get the money they want.  The guy needs to make it right for the students; he can start by decreasing fees and cutting his salary in half.

 Gamble says, “My own preference is for some tuition increase, we start off so thinly funded.”

The University System wants to blame the Montana Legislature for leaving them $7 million short because of the tuition freeze.  Their assumption is wrong.  They are overfunded and are involved in wasteful spending habits.

Personally, if I was still a student at MSU I would have to raise hell about this issue.  Tuition should NOT be raised.  I wouldn’t want to pay any student union dues to the student government and the bus service.  Everyone from Montana who is full time student already pays $2,279.00 per semester and $622.95 in mandatory fees.

Stop the insanity!!!  The tuition freeze is not going to cause fewer courses at MSU or class sections to grow.  Campus officials can claim it will affect everyone’s graduation date and cost more money in the long run, but that is just a lie get more funding…do not fall for it.

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