Tea Party VICTORY!!


As many of you have been following, a fight has been brewing between the City of Bozeman and the Bozeman Tea Party.  If you have not followed the events here is an article from last week in the Bozeman Chronicle.  The Independence Day Tea Party was approved for a permit to assemble, but denied the closure of Main Street on the morning of July 4th.

This was a troublesome decision for many of us.  The excuses given by the City for denying the permit were constantly changing.  In the end, we presented our case directly to the City Commission last night, as mentioned in this Bozeman Chronicle article.

I was inspired by the number of Tea Party supporters who came and made their voices heard loud and clear.  I want to personally thank everyone that attended.  In the end, the Commission voted 4-1 and reversed the staff decision and closed Main Street.

This was the correct decision, traffic in downtown Bozeman is very slow on the 4th of July and this will bring 1,000 people downtown.  The businesses that are open, especially restaurants and bars, should be very happy with the decision.

In the end freedom won, I cannot think of a better place to be then at the march celebrating our freedoms on the 4th of July.  I will be attending the Bozeman Independence Day Tea Party and I hope you will join me.

We will be meeting at the Bozeman Library at 10am and march to the Courthouse for a rally.  From 2 -7 pm there will be a family barbecue at the Gallatin Airfield which will have food, live music, and speakers.  It will be a great event for the whole family.

I hope everyone will come to Bozeman for the 4th and celebrate our Independence with fellow freedom fighters!


  1. Thanks TSN for fighting for our right to assemble! Let’s show these guys on July 4th that we are sick and tired of BIG bloated government, no accountability, and the erosion of our personal liberties.

  2. The commission didn’t vote on anything.

    • There was not an official vote, but all 5 of the commissioners spoke and 4 of them said to close the street and the Mayor said not to…so they all spoke and it was 4-1 to close the street.

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