California’s Budget Mess

CA Budget Pic

Years ago, I had the (dis)pleasure of working in California on a few political fights.  California is a beautiful state, but the liberal spend and spend more politicians were driving the car off the cliff.

Anyone with half a brain could see what was going on, but the politicians did NOTHING about it.  They just continued to spend and grow government.  The politicians did find time to blame their problems on other things, like the two-thirds vote needed to pass tax increases and term limits.

FINALLY the bubble burst and it is time to answer for their mistakes.  This brings me to an exercise I saw last week on the Rabid Sanity blog and Electric City Weblog.  It is a LA Times exercise called State budget balancer.

They show the $24 BILLION dollar California deficit and you have different options of how you can cut or raise funds to get California back in the green.

It’s a fun exercise, until you realize it is actually what a group of politicians needs to do.  I wish there were politicians willing to step up and admit their stupid decisions and make the necessary cuts.

My only request is that not one penny of federal money goes to bailout California.  This is an exclusive problem to their state and their spending; force them to get out of the mess on their own!!

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  1. Force California to become responsible? What are you, someone who beats their children too? Californians lack the essential essence of character that would make such a thing possible.

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