Adney TSN Interview

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Bob Adney, Executive Director of Treasure State Network (TSN), appeared on KTVM News to give an interview about counties coordinating an effort to block open record requests.  Most of the counties claim they are understaffed and it would cost too much money and time.  As indicated in the original Freedom of Information (FOIA) request we are asking for a simple list of government contracts.  It would contain information about current contracts the government entity has with non-government entities over $1,000.  We asked for the identities of the contractors, values, contract purposes, award dates, and whether the contract was bid or no-bid.

One would think the counties and cities would have their outstanding contracts easily accessible in a list.  I find it troubling that this information is not readily available for themselves AND THE public. People need to know where their tax dollars are being spent.

In the interview, Charlotte Mills, Clerk and Recorder of Gallatin Valley, said that they are willing to work with TSN on our qualitative study.  Unfortunately the counties coordinated to block our request and hoped we would just go away…that did not happen.

Since our second request went out, notifying them we would contact an attorney if they didn’t cooperate, they have been willing to help us fulfill our request.  We will have our results on our TSN Website shortly, please stay tuned for more details.

One thing in the interview I find amusing is that she claimed all their records will be made public sometime in the near future.  I wonder when that the time will come.  Could it be fifty years from now or hundred?   Why not start now?

To get more updates about our story click here at the join us.

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