Thank You Gay Loggers


I want to thank a person I do not know, Allen Frank from Churchill.  The below letter ran in the Bozeman Chronicle yesterday, and I could not think of a better way to talk about the shenanigans of Brian Leland and his Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus.

Don’t forget to join us at the Independence Day Tea Party in Bozeman.  Check out the details at

The letter:

Thanks ‘Gay Loggers’ for the free publicity

Many thanks to Brian Leland and his “Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus” march. I did not attend the first tea party and wasn’t aware of the July 4 tea party until Mr. Leland’s headline caught my eye. Now not only myself, but several of my neighbors plan to go … to the Tea Party.

Lots of folks probably think Mr. Leland is a flake or worse. Not me. I believe Mr. Leland is a stealth tea party promoter. Why? Because no one clever enough to come up with “Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus” could possibly be so stupid as to not realize doing so would give further publicity to the tea party. Could they?

Another thank you is due Mr. Leland for paying for the city cost of the protest. I’m sure someone as brilliant as Mr. Leland understands “incremental cost” and “economies of scale.” The city only has costs to set up and take down once no matter how many protests are held on July 4. Hence, Mr. Leland is paying for his protest and the tea party. What a guy.

I also thank the vitrolic anti-tea party letter writers for keeping the publicity going. The more the fringe lunatic leftists bark, the more protestors will attend. Obamunism is a failure. Your mean-spirited comments prove it.

So a big hip-hip hurray for our stealth tea party advocate Brian Leland … and the clowns who screamed Bush somehow violated their constitutional rights   but are now promoting silencing those who disagree with Obama. You are worse than what you claim to abhor.

Allen Frank Churchill


  1. Any link to the original letter? I am sure that it would be amusing.

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