Obama Coming to Bozeman


President Obama is coming to Bozeman for a town hall meeting on healthcare next Friday, August 14th.  As details emerge I will post them on this blog.

The Bozeman Tea Party has voted to officially protest the event and the government-run nationalized Obamacare.

Details so far:

President Obama Town Hall Meeting Bozeman, Montana, August 14, 2009

A City Commissioner for the City of Bozeman confirmed on August 4, 2009 that President Barack Obama will be visiting Bozeman, Montana on August 14, 2009. Obama is purported to be planning on holding a town hall meeting at Bozeman’s Gallatin Field Airport.

It is purported that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and President Barack Obama may visit Big Sky, Montana after the August 14, 2009 Bozeman town meeting. The First Couple may overnight at Madison County’s Sun Ranch.


  1. My guess is that you folks won’t get within a country mile of TOTUS, but if you do—give him a rasberry for me……….

  2. A friend who tried to register said the meeting is already “full.” I’ll guarantee you the single-payers are packing it, unless Baucus has got them on a leash finally.

  3. I spoke with the Airport and were going to get a good location at the airport. I’m sure they’re packing the event with Obama supporters, but we’ll make sure they hear us loud and clear!!

    • Our group from the Flathead is driving up to join you guys but WHERE and WHEN we would like to know soon? We are the Kalispell/Whitefish/Bigfork tea party group! Thank and let’s fight for our Republic!

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