Baucus revises health care bill


An article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle this morning mentions that Senator Baucus is revising his health care reform bill to address some Democratic concerns.  This is meant to only appease Democrats and possibly Republican Senator Snowe to go along with the package.  Obama has made it clear; this is his number one priority.

After months of debate and town hall meetings, the nation stands divided on the issue.  Many people fear our country cannot afford government run health insurance.  There are a lot of provisions that still need to be addressed in the, what is sure to be over 1,000 pages bill.

According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

“Baucus wants to possibly have a penalty for people who don’t comply with a new requirement to purchase insurance.  This provision will be voted on by the end of the week.  And more provisions to come in the following weeks.”

Ordinary Americans should not be forced into this system; it will work to kill private enterprise.   It is moving us towards socialism…and is continuing to weaken capitalism.

According to the Chronicle article, “Baucus claims, that a 10-year, $856 billion package would extend coverage to about 29 million Americans who lack it now and institute insurance market reforms, such as prohibiting higher premiums for women or the denial of coverage to sick people.   It would make almost everyone buy insurance or pay a fee, give subsidies to the poor to help them buy coverage and create new online exchanges where small businesses and people without government or employer-provided insurance could shop for plans and compare prices.”

Where will all this money come from?  The United States is already 11.8 trillion dollars in debt and our debt is growing by the second.   We can’t continue to just spend and spend.  One day China will stop lending to the United States and won’t want our currency.

One Republican on the Finance Committee, Sen. Olympia Snowe, may support the bill.  If so, she has sold out the principle of limited government.  Thankfully, we have the TEA party movement which is real change for our country.  The 2010 elections will move Congress towards Conservatism.

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