The New King Slimeball


Anyone who hasn’t had their head under a rock over the past few years knows what many politicians, Republican and Democrat, have been up to.  When you look at the list of national political sex scandals in recent years it’s sad and pathetic.  There is this year’s Governor Sanford and Senator Ensign’s affairs or former Senator Craig, Representative Foley, Governor Spitzer, or Governor McGreevey’s scandals.

The list seems to be growing almost every month and after reading an article the other day in the New York Times, it seems that they’ve hit a new low.  Former Presidential candidate, Vice Presidential Candidate, and Senator John Edwards has now has stolen the mantle of biggest slimeball.

A section of from the New York Times article stated that, “Mr. Edwards once calmed an anxious Ms. Hunter by promising her that after his wife died, he would marry her in a rooftop ceremony in New York with an appearance by the Dave Matthews Band.”  It is almost unimaginable for me to believe promising to marry a person you are having an affair with a romantic wedding ceremony, when your wife of more than 30 years whom you have two kids with is dying.

I have three main problems with politicians and these kinds of scandals, separate from the actual sexual indiscretions.  First of all, if they cannot keep their vows to their spouse why should we expect them to keep true to their oath of office?  They have no problem breaking their personal vows so it is easy to assume they would have no problem breaking their work vows.

Another problem is that politicians believe they will get away with these actions, and I’m sure many do.  It makes me wonder what else they are doing because they believe they will not be caught and won’t be held responsible.  One can only imagine what other abuses are taking place.

My biggest concern with their actions, is what would happen if an enemy got a hold of the information.  These scandals have ruined the careers of all these politicians, but what could be done if someone else got this information?  This was my chief concern with President Clinton’s actions.  These types of activities could compromise the politician and the country if it got into the wrong hands.

Edwards has taken the cake – he’s the lead slimeball.  I guess congratulations are in order for Senator Edwards; he’s lowered the bar even further than I thought possible.

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