Baucus misses the point


An article in the Great Falls Tribune, mentions a key component missing in Senator Baucus’s revised health care package tort reform.  There’s also a piece in the Electric City Weblog on Tort Reform.  Over the years, malpractice insurance has increased for doctors nationally.   Many people believe that the “sky is the limit” when suing your doctor, and they’re just looking to get rich quick.  The rate of frivolous lawsuits nationally is ridiculous.

When are people going to stop with these kinds of frivolous lawsuits?  Montana is one of thirty-six states which has a “pain and suffering” cap, set at $250,000 and limits punitive damages.  Is this enough?

According to the article– “James Jarrett, a retired Missoula doctor and state delegate to the American Medical Association, calls the Capitol Hill debate on health care “disingenuous” because he believes the bills being discussed don’t properly address tort reform.   If enough safeguards were in place to block frivolous lawsuits, he said, malpractice premiums would cost less and billions of dollars would no longer be spent on unnecessary medical tests and procedures ordered simply out of fear that patients would sue if they weren’t done.”

Senator Tester doesn’t believe the caps will help.  Rep. Rehberg understands that we need tort reform.  He said, “it’s time to listen to the American people.  It’s time to put the people’s interests of the special interests.”  The current Congress doesn’t want to comply.  They need to listen to the people.

Right now, Montana has important role in reform.  Baucus could set the bar by making our state a model for the nation.  Instead he’d rather punish the uninsured as mentioned in my previous post.  He’d rather lie about interactions he has with constituents who oppose his viewpoint.

Obama wants to rush his health care package through Congress.  He needs to focus on the future and the negative impacts this legislation will have on our county.  We can only hope that America will exist as we know it in the future.

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  1. Just an idea, but instead of nationalizing health care, what if the feds first took over malpractice insurance?

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