John Birch Society Events


The President of the John Birch Society, John McManus, is in Montana for a six day tour.  The topic of his speech is Restoring State Sovereignty and Preserving Personal Freedom.

The John Birch Society is dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution.  For those who have not heard of the John Birch Society, they have a great reputation.

It’s great to see Montana becoming important in the fight for personal liberties.  This is another example of people coming to Montana because of all the work we’ve done for freedom.

I highly encourage you to attend one of his speeches listed below:

Thursday, October 1st 7:00pm

Grace Baptist Church

3616 Broadwater Ave.

Billings, MT

Friday, October 2nd 7:00pm

Christ’s Church

1935 Nelson Rd.

Bozeman, MT

Saturday, October 3rd 7:00pm

Jorgenson’s Inns & Suites

1714 11th Ave.

Helena, MT

Monday, October 5th 7:00pm

Country Kitchen at the fairgrounds

Kalispell, MT

Tuesday, October 6th 7:00pm

Ravalli County Fairgrounds

Hamilton, MT

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