Obama Lies Grandma Dies


Yesterday, I attended the Montana Shrugged Group’s weekly protest in Billings, MT.   Despite the cold and rainy weather we had many proud patriots meet at the CVS Pharmacy on 24th Street.

Our message was loud and clear: we are feed up with Obamacare and uncontrolled government spending.  There were a lot of people I met who have never been involved in political grassroots until April 15th, the first Tea Party.  It showed me that the silent majority has woken up and people are sick and tired of the federal government.

I was reminded of the July 4th TEA Party in Bozeman where a fellow patriot held a sign, which read as “This is Not Your Father’s Hippie Movement.”  We are not paid to protest unlike our union counterparts.  To me the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me” means a lot.  You have to love liberals who think healthcare is free, but what price do we have to pay for it??

I noticed a bull statue painted with white dollar signs.  It symbolized how Wall Street has failed us through the Federal Reserve.  It made me think that this is not the America I used to live in.  I feel my freedoms are slowly being taken away and for what – Only God knows.

Overall, we were energized for an hour.  We had people shout out of their windows and say keep up the good work and we’re proud of you.  I know we are doing the right thing.  The number of cars honking their horns was incredible.

I really like these regular protests, it encourages others to join the cause.  It would be great to have these in all five major cities in Montana.

For anyone in Billings the next protest will be held on October 14th at 24th and King Ave West.

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  1. Jeremy, just so you know, the Federal Reserve really has very little to do with Wall St. It’s the SEC that is tasked with regulating Wall St. The Federal Reserve just controls interests rates and how much money is in our economy.

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