DC Political Games

Capitol Dome

I was reading an article on Fox News this morning that got my blood boiling.  It was about Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, entitled Democratic Lawmaker Likens Health Care Crisis to a ‘Holocaust.‘  Rep. Grayson also said, “Republicans want Americans to “die quickly” if they get sick.”

To further complicate the matter Rep. Grayson has said that he will not apologize for what he said, “Because I said the truth.”  Now, what to guess what’s happening in our great Legislative body?

Republicans are calling for him to be punished and a “resolution of disapproval” passed.  This is what was done against Congressman Joe Wilson for his infamous “you lie” comment.  Democrats are saying, that Grayson doesn’t need to be condemned and according to an email from Pelosi, “Members of Congress should focus on the issue at hand: ensuring quality, affordable and accessible health insurance for all Americans.”

This is EXACTLY the kind of crap that makes our Congress such a complete and utter failure.  Instead of actually working on issues such as, helping taxpayers, cutting burdensome regulations, and restoring personal liberties Congress is arguing like little kids on an elementary school playground.

Honestly, can you imagine if this happening at your place of business?  Democrats and Republicans sit in DC and find little things to blow out of proportion in a pathetic attempt to score a few political points.  This is not a Republican or Democrat problem; it’s a Washington DC problem.  Both sides of the aisle excel at these types of activities.

Every day that goes by I lose more and more of what little confidence and respect I had for the politicians in Washington.

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