California’s Budget Mess

CA Budget Pic

Years ago, I had the (dis)pleasure of working in California on a few political fights.  California is a beautiful state, but the liberal spend and spend more politicians were driving the car off the cliff.

Anyone with half a brain could see what was going on, but the politicians did NOTHING about it.  They just continued to spend and grow government.  The politicians did find time to blame their problems on other things, like the two-thirds vote needed to pass tax increases and term limits.

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Wanted-Montana seeking Hardened Criminals

hardin prison

The Two Rivers Detention Facility in Hardin, MT has generated a lot of media attention across the world.  As the prison facility tries to find some new homes from many unlikely contenders.  It has even drawn the attention of media outlets such as, Al-Jazeera News Network about hosting the detainees from Guantanamo.

It is doubtful the prison can obtain these prisoners because the state’s congressional delegation disagrees on the issue.  This leaves the city and county without a source of revenue- it needs.

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