Accountability and transparency have been popular buzz words with our state and federal politicians; of course most of the time it’s just words.  When Senator Balyeat proposed Senate Bill 241, which would create a searchable website where citizens could track dollars from the time they enter government until they’re spent, it was defeated. 

Again all talk and NO ACTION!

I take my hat off to most of the republicans in the Legislature who fought hard to try and get this bill passed, but the Governor’s office and the democrats stopped them. 

So, if the politicians will not bring accountability to government’s work – LET’S BRING ACCOUNTABILITY TO THEIR VOTES!!

It’s FINALLY here; a new website unveiled last week by Montanans In Action (MIA) called Legistat!

Legistat tallies the spending habits of state legislators.  MIA compiled and logged all of the spending bills from this session.  If a legislator voted for a spending bill, it was added to their total spending.  If a legislator voted against a spending bill, it was subtracted from their total spending.  The opposite was done for bills that would save taxpayer dollars. 

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